Creation 2013

Gravitational and sonorous experience for public place

By Fabrice Guillot
Realised with the artistic complicity of Magdalena Bahamondes, Olivia Cubero and Marion Soyer
Assistant: Francisca Alvarez
Sculptor and acoustician: Vincent Brédif
Video and light creator: Pierre Galais
Constructor: Alain Kolpak / ZO Prod
Costumes: Patricio Alejandro Luengo Rodriguez
Security manager: Nicolas Grière

This show has received a grant for writing from IN SITU, within the META project. This project has been financed thanks to the support of the European Commission (DGEAC - Culture Programme)


Les Ondes Gravitationnelles - ©Ville de St-Denis - 2013 Les Ondes Gravitationnelles - ©Ville de St-Denis - 2013 ©Rebecca Pinos - CDLR 2013 CDLR 2013 ©Gilles Dufour Le JSL ©Marie Rouzaut - SIRF 2013 ©Marie Rouzaut - SIRF 2013 ©Marie Rouzaut - SIRF 2013 ©Marie Rouzaut - SIRF 2013 ©Marie Rouzaut - SIRF 2013


New experience for public space

«In this project «Gravitational Waves», I want the spectator to be like an observer of a large-scale volume exploration in public space.
I would like to create a bubble of perception during this experiment, which drags the spectator-observer in a gravitational, visual, choreographic and sonorous daydream.
» - Fabrice Guillot

A choreographic exploration in the heart of a plastic installation

A visual object, alive and inhabited.

The Gravitational Waves is zooming on the dancing body revealed by the amplification of the sound and wich invades the performance space.
Sharing with the audience the sensation of reversal, this physical effect wich feel the vertical dancers on the wall, is now possible! An amazing feeling of a space opened to dance in all its dimensions.
The experience transforms the usual perception of the site by revealing a part of the invisible and the non-audible.

Create and inhabit a space of multiple dimensions

Vincent Brédif’s sculpture creates a foreground in front of the facade, and offers an in-depth space for the dance. Dancer’s bodies in this space can then interact with the effect of the 3D images. The shadow of this inhabited sculpture, projected on several surrounding walls, anchors this gravitational experience in the chosen performance space.

A sound and plastic work

The vibration of our ropes revealed by sensors, allow to hear the sound of a fall in slow motion, a side aerobatic, the extraction of a body from its support, steps on the wall. Dance produces the sonorous environment, a partition. A sound device allow to immerse the spectator in a sonorous bath of dance.

3D images

These images can model the architecture, open it, make it turn. Image ignores the gravity. In interaction with the dancers’ bodies we are able to play with this «weightlessness» of the image and create a virtual gravity.

Stockton International Riverside Festival/UK, Abattoir / CNAR in Chalon-sur-Saône, Espace des Arts/SN of Chalon, Atelier 231 / CNAR in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, La Paperie / CNAR in Angers, Citron Jaune / CNAR in Port St Louis du Rhône, La Boyauderie de Poitiers/Usines Boinot / CNAR in Niort, Theatre of Cachan, with the support of Ferme du Buisson/ Noisiel and Historical Service of Defence.

This show receives a Development Grant and a Production Grant from CNC/Dicréam (2012 and 2013), a Grant for Dramatic Production from Ministry of Culture and Communication-DRAC IDF, and a Creation Grant from the County Council conseil général du Val-de-Marne.

The company is fund by the County Council of Val-de-Marne and of Essone, and is in the process of a convention with the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Seminar «Writing side by side» in 2011 in Graz, Austria.
This piece has received a grant for writing from IN SITU network, within the META project.
This project has been financed thanks to the support of the European Commission (DGEAC - Culture Programme).