Your town as a space opened to explorations


© Jose-Miguel Carmona © Jose-Miguel Carmona © Jose-Miguel Carmona © Jose-Miguel Carmona © Ch.Mathieu

The company suggests to the inhabitants of a city to dicover their environment with a new glance by constituing a group and allowing them to dance on the walls of their district, on buildings, on trees of their park…

This project can be articulated side by side with various actors of the cultural field of the city : the academy of music or dance for example, can be involved in the organization of the event.

Participant’s word :

"When I’ve first arrived in this space it was a colorless environment : a common space in the city, without any charm. With this work of vertical dance, the space has become a poetic and friendly place. Poetic, because it’s been extirpated from its anonymous dimensions, because the danced scenes made it charming, mixing dream and sensory feelings. Friendly because exchanges with passers-by and with inhabitants has hapenned in unexpected way." Catherine