The company Retouramont produces shows, tours both nationally and internationally, proposes workshops and training around vertical dance practice.
It is a major player in vertical dance field.
It presents the relationship that everyone feels with public space and tries to shake it up.

City is for us a polymorphous field of exploration where we note down a specific writing.

The dramaturgy of our pieces come from specificities found in architecture, materials, volumes, void, relationship with urban space, and societal challenges.

Surrounded by sculptors, video creators, scientists, musicians, dancers, circus artists, etc., we try to understand the signs and materials in public space and use them in our creations.

The company Retouramont is accompanying the expansion of vertical dance art form:

The Vertical Dance Centre offers
- Training for professionals and amateurs
- Meetings and conferences
- Production support for projects crossing art forms
- Presentations of artistic concepts and projects
- Coaching and support for companies and artists
- Residency space for companies interested in verticality

Retouramont initiated the Vertical Dance Forum (VDF) with other 6 European and international vertical dance practitioners: Aeriosa (Canada), Fidget Feet (Ireland), Gravity & Levity (UK), Histeria Nova (Croatia), Il Posto (Italy), Kate Lawrence (Wales).

Through its actions and meetings, the network seeks to strengthen the identity and the visibility of vertical dance and of its professional practitioners towards the audience, institutions and partners.

Vertical Dance Forum is co-funded by The Europe Creative programme of European Union.

Retouramont is under a convention with the Regional Office of Cultural Affairs in the Île-de-France Region - Ministry of Culture and Communication, and with the County Council of Val de Marne.

The company is under a convention with the City of Villejuif, funded by the City of Vitry-sur-Seine and supported by the City of Charenton-le-Pont.

Retouramont is in residency with the Theatre of Cachan, with the City of Bagneux, with the Theatre Rive Gauche in Saint-Etienne du Rouvray.

Residency at the Vertical Dance Centre in Charenton-le-Pont and in cities in partnership: Villejuif, Vincennes, Paris 13th district.

The Île-de-France Region supports the work of the company and provides a grant for employment "Emploi-tremplin".
The company receives a grant from the Arcadi Funds to Support Research and Initiative for the new project "Jeux d’échelles".

Retouramont received a grant for Street Arts by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication / DGCA for many creations and researches of the company, and a support by the SACD for "Research and Innovation in Circus" for the creation 2015 "Voluminosité".

Sponsored by BEAL and PETZL.