Professional meetings
To organise meetings and conferences in order to make the discussion and the research about verticality going on.
To create spaces for exchanges and thinking.

Vertical Dance Forum
The Vertical Dance Forum-Retouramont initiated the Vertical Dance Forum (VDF) with other 6 European and international vertical dance practitioners: Aeriosa (Canada), Fidget Feet (Ireland), Gravity & Levity (UK), Histeria Nova (Croatia), Il Posto (Italy), Kate Lawrence (Wales).

The Vertical Dance Forum is born from the desire to share experiences and knowledge in the aim of taking part in the development, the promotion and the transmission of vertical dance in all its diversity.

Through its actions and meetings, the network seeks to strengthen the identity and the visibility of vertical dance and of its professional practitioners towards the audience, institutions and partners.

The project of the forum focuses on the notion of TRANSMISSION.

VDF members presentation




Some video links:
Il pOsto -documentary film about vertical dance